New Gateway

May the Peace and Joy of Jesus settle deeply into your souls!

I am pleased to announce the launch of as the official website of The Institute for Promoting the Gift of Truth (established May 2010)and as a new gateway to the educational and inspirational content which the Institute already publishes and manages on the Christian Unity in Diversity Central website, which was launched in August 2008 as the first ministry of the Institute’s parent ministry Donum Veritatis – The Gift of Truth Ministries

The Institute for Promoting the Gift of Truth is a Christian educational institution for research and instruction, and as it grows this new website will grow, but for now this site will remain primarily a gateway to the substantial content the Institute (in cooperation with Château Baptiste Publications) already distributes via the Internet at Christian Unity in Diversity Central “so that the world may believe.”

We ask our “prayer partners” to continue to pray for the success of this ministry of equipping Christians to build God’s Family and Kindgom of Love.

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