Founder Invited to Rome Summit with Cardinal Arinze

The Institute for Promoting the Gift of Truth is pleased to report that our Founder, Peter William John Baptiste SFO, has been invited to be one of about 35 participants from around the world in the 6th Annual Springtime of Faith Foundation Summit in Rome in November 2011, on the basis of being considered “one of the dynamic leaders building the New Springtime Blessed Pope John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI have talked about.”  Presenters at this Summit include Cardinal Francis Arinze, who together with other Catholic Archbishops make up the Springtime of Faith Foundation’s International Episcopal Advisory Board.  The Founder says

“I am both astonished and thrilled to be given the opportunity to participate in this summit, and I am even more amazed and delighted just to find out about the Springtime of Faith Foundation [see their website at], a lay organization that is part of the “flowering of the laity” since Vatican II, aided in their implementation of Vatican II by the Catholic hierarchy through their International Episcopal Advisory Board.  Moving together with our pastors “from the heart of the Church,” empowered by the Holy Spirit, I am certain many wonderful things can be accomplished “so that the world may believe,” and indeed, “even the gates of Hell will not stand against it.”

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